Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Getting it all Rolling

Welcome to Cognition Pressworks.  We are an independent publisher, mostly focused on self-publishing at the moment, with future aspirations of extending services to new authors.

Presently, we have two major projects in the works.
First, My Aereth, a fantasy role playing game world based on the work of Goodman Games and their Dungeon Crawl Classics line.  This is game setting and creature compendium have grown out of the new RPG by Goodman Games that is now in beta test.  Jeff has been beta testing this system since June 2011.  The game system is set for release in February 2012, and our modules and compendiae are gearing up for release in mid/late 2012.

Second is the soon to be released Abundant Sole: Sock Knitting for the Gauge Impaired.  This project has blossomed out of Mikki's love of sock knitting.  This project is in test knitting, with a project release date in March 2012.

Stay tuned.  We're building steam.