Friday, August 23, 2013

Latest News

I always forget to up date this blog. Now that I have the time I should take some to catch up on everything that got shoved under the rug... so to speak.   :)

Liber Arcanum is moving though all the usual growing pains; most recently I had to re-write two of the 6 Patrons to make the folks over at Goodman Games happy.  There was about 18-25 pages of revisions that have been re-submitted and now that GenCon is over I should be hearing from GG soon as to whether or not this project gets to move forward.

If the project lives past its next review then I can create the final layout and set the artists loose on the project.  Not sure how long it will take to complete the project and get it to market; all the variables are out of my control at this point.  That's assuming that I actually had any control to begin with.  ;)

This is only the second time I've tried to do something like this, but it seems like there is a point in these projects when I must sit back and watch everything unfold as it will.  It may be an excellent lesson on the nature and need for practicing the serene art of Surrender; but it also involves a lot of thumb-twiddling, so I've already started working on more material for future publications...

More later,
Thanx for checking in.