Monday, December 1, 2014

It's Alive...Liber Arcanum Update

After months of art, editing, and layout, we are pleased to finally announce the release of Liber Arcanum

Found in the back of the closet of a long dead wizard – 

Liber Arcanum
The Book of Secrets, a treasure trove of new spells and patrons for Wizards and Elves. This Compendium of lost arcane lore is compatible with Dungeon Crawl Classics and is intended as an aid for the busy Storyteller.
·       Inside you will find:
o   Several new banes and powers for magic weapons
o   40 pre-generated magic weapons
o   6 new patrons
o   46 new spells
o   And a plethora of new ideas to inspire and terrify your players. You will find options to tweak and customize the nature of magic and how it works in your gaming environment, as well as new item creation spells, the rules for spells of greater than 5th level and much, much more.
All just waiting for your players to stumble upon the moldering remains of the Book of Secrets.

Coming soon from Cognition Pressworks...

Liber Arcanum in print version.