Tuesday, May 8, 2012

News Flash: Dateline Editing Desk

“This is Phred Phreely with the Crystal View News Channel, with the latest on Critter-gate.  We join our correspondent in the field, live at the scene of the battle.  Take it away Fritz!  What’s the latest on the action at the embattled editor’s desk?”

“Well Phred, things are lightening up in here and the smoke is clearing, but the casualty reports are only just now starting to arrive, and I don’t think the shredder will ever be the same again.  I really must say it was grim there for a while.  The red ink was flowing across the pages like the waters of the mighty Mississippi, and all I can tell you at the moment is that we have unconfirmed reports of heavy casualties.”

“Wow, Fritz, it sounds awful.  Is there any hope?”

“Well Phred I think it is safe to say that it will survive to see the light of day… Wait a moment Phred… (Listening to an earpiece) I can now confirm that an entire chapter was among the casualties.  It seems that the Crossbreeding section wasn’t bringing enough to the work to justify its inclusion as a separate entity.  Unconfirmed sources are saying that it has left its legacy as a couple of re-written entries on the Mutations chart.”

“Amazing… what else can you tell us?”

“Well Phred, I can tell you that late in the reviewing process we learned that most of the work on magic has been well received and delivered up to the neo-natal intensive care unit.  I’m told that it will remain there on life-support pending the start of a new work on spells and the metaverse.”  (Looks shocked for a moment, hand flying up to his ear, then covers microphone and whispers vigorously with someone off camera.)

“WHAT is it Fritz?!  What has happened?!”

“Well Phred, I can confirm now that the Book has had to have emergency surgery to amputate its title…  It seems that the title of: “Creature Catalog,” has been sorely overused in recent years.  I’m being told now that a new one has been chosen.  Yes, it is referring to itself now as: ‘Critters, Creatures, & Denizens” and has been moved off the critical list and is considered stable and it is now being sent off to artwork & layout for recovery.  There are unconfirmed rumors of perhaps yet another round of editing after some more play testing.  I’m going to continue monitoring the situation here at the editing desk while we all wait for more information.  This is Frtiz Frelgerwunten saying: Back to you in the studios Phred.”

“Well, an amazing journey so far Fritz!  We’ll be waiting for your next up-date, but for now, this is Phred Phreely saying goodnight to all of you out there in adventure-land; and if you’re out there on the trails, remember… don’t stop to feed the trolls.”

Friday, May 4, 2012

Let the Redlining begin!

The first draft is blessed and finished.  A few additions to make (art, table of contents, table numbering, pagination).  Other than that, finished.  Today five copies were printed, and will be handed out for editing this weekned.  The author is a bit nervous.  But we are excited!
Manuscript copy #1